Sebil Association completed activities of Qurban project 2020

Sebil Humanitarian Relief Association implemented Qurban project 2020 as part of the relief program that the association used to implement every year, to support poor families and orphans in places of need.

Where 8,815 families benefited from our project this year, in Palestine, Tanzania and Nepal, and the number of sacrifices that the association supervised and delivered -their meat- to the beneficiaries was 73 cows and 133 sheep, also a number of Eid al-Adha gifts were distributed to orphans.

The project was successfully implemented by the grace of Allah, and our donors and in all countries of the world, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their continued trust in Sebil, and we promise them more dedication and professionalism in implementation to deliver their Sadaka and Zakat to the beneficiaries.

The association express its sincere thanks to the field teams, volunteers and partner organizations that had a prominent role in providing the project outcomes in the required manner.