Sebil Association implements Ramadan 2020 projects in the West Bank - Palestine

“Sebil Humanitarian Relief Association” has implemented Ramadan projects for the current year 1441 H / 2020, in the governorates of the West Bank - Palestine.
Where Food baskets, Iftars, Eid clothes and cash assistance (Zakat al-Fitr and Zakat) were distributed to 8,376 families of orphans and the poor during the days of the holy month.
This package of aid provided a positive  leverage for the difficult situation of families, especially with the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic
and the consequent great damage to the Palestinian economy as a whole, and to the targeted beneficiaries from projects in particular, being the most affected segment in the society.
We thank with gratitude all generous individual donors and institutions, for their renewed confidence in Sebil Association,
as we thank volunteer teams for their efforts in accomplishing this noble humanitarian work.